Saturday, September 29, 2012

White Van Man

When ever you hear the words "White Van Man" what is the image that conjures up in your mind. It is definitely that of a old baldy man, with a beer belly wearing tight T shirt and worn out denim jeans.
Most of us tend to remember the infamous white van man in this picture. We generally do not tend to think very highly of them and remember as the pesky drivers that tailgate our vehicles on the highway and overtake our cars and yell at us rudely.
But then look at what we found. You will be quite surprised.
According to a recent motoring survey carried out by Aviva, the White Van Men surprisingly topped the list in being called the 'smartest', the 'sexiest' and the most careful and successful drivers on road today.
Of the drivers who were respondents in the survey showed that while most of them were not equipped with a college degree, they were quite interesting in reading books, following politics and showed no interest in watching reality TV. The bikers who were similarly questioned responded that they had the least interest in reading books.
The survey also found that over 50% of the drivers were owners of their vehicles and were running it on lease with the logistics companies. When you consider that more than 80% of the sports drivers work for some one else, these drivers can certainly be called entrepreneurs.
In almost all cases it was found that these men tend to be proud and show off their van as a good asset. They try to impress others with their van, specially the women.
So now you might want to rethink again and conjure up a new image of a smart BMW driver as your White van man. Yes a lot has changed in the last decade or so and we can see the changes clearly now.

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