Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey Baldy! Losing Your Hair? Why, and What Can You Do About It

Your hair can be affected by many different factors. Diet, lifestyle, age and ailments all play their part in robbing you of your once plentiful head of hair, and leave you wishing that you could do something about it.
Women can lose hair after childbirth, or after giving up the contraceptive pill. Mostly that hair grows back, however not always and it can leave many women with a far thinner head of hair than they are used to having.
Many women find that when they go through the menopause their hair also gets thinner....and stays that way!
Rollers applied too tightly or worn for long periods is also a cause of hair loss. Massage of the scalp..reputed to be good for hair loss actually can cause the problem to worsen. Ladies often brush their hair vigorously and that can also make the hair thinner.
Hair grows very well and quickly in early adulthood, but the rate of growth slows and the hair gets a lot thinner as men and women get older. This occurs over the whole body and out of the 100,000 average hair follicles, we will lost naturally about 100 a day.
Male baldness, especially from the top of the head and the temples is mainly determined by heredity. However it does not mean that just because a father did not go bald that his son won't. Baldness can also come from the female side of the family.
Men often have areas on their scalp that are sensitive to the sex hormones that are in the blood stream. Hair follicles shrink, and eventually cannot replace the hair that is lost, so it gets thinner.
Usually occurring in men in their 20's or 30's, it normally has a familiar theme. The receding hairline starts to spread towards the back of the scalp, and usually causes two separate bald spots that gradually meet up and you end up with the top nice and shiny and the sides still quite thickly covered with hair.
There are some beliefs about hair loss, that are worth looking at..
1. Beer is good for the hair. True!
2. If you brush your hair 100 times a night it will shine superbly.. Also True! be careful however too much brushing can thin the hair and cause split ends.
3. Baldness is a sign of virility. False.. It can be partly caused by Testosterone circulating in the body, but while bald men often claim it to be a sign of virility, it is a fact that men with a full head of hair can be just as virile as bald men.
4. Hair can turn white overnight! False. Hair grows about 1/2inch a month, too slowly for someone to go white from grief or shock.

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