Saturday, September 29, 2012

Exploring the Natural Hot Mineral Springs and Waterfalls of Arenal and La Fortuna Costa Rica

Lake Arenal is one of the major attractions in Costa Rica. Located near the world famous Arenal Volcano, this lake is one of the sources of Costa Rica's electricity. The place is magnificent with its surrounding rolling hills with dense forest areas in some places and patches of pasturelands in some places while dominated by the perfect cone of Arenal Volcano mostly on the east side.
The tranquility of Lake Arenal is best for people who would like to unwind form busy schedules and for honeymooners who would like to be left alone most of the time! The shorelines near Lake Arenal are best for early morning walks and those romantic moonlight walks you are planning with your partner.
If you are a big fan of sports fishing, this place is definitely for you. Lake Arenal is known as one of the best place to catch a rainbow bass or a flying Machaca. Fly fishermen flock to this place primarily for the Machaca, which could reach about 9lbs within the lake. So if you plan to catch some flying fish in Lake Arenal, bring 8-10 wt. rods and 9 ft. leaders and smaller (size 4-8) poppers and streamers as your going to get a lot of resistance from these huge fishes. For best results, you should go fly fishing from January to February and August o December when the Machaca are its peak.
The Springs Resort & Spa
Now world famous- The Springs, hosted the sixth episode of ABC's The Bachelor. That episode featured a special group date at the Five-Star Resort's steamy hot springs, and the property's riverfront rainforest reserve and mineral pools.
Tabacon Hot Springs
Offers a huge variety of hot springs baths of varying temperatures, from steaming hot, to lukewarm. Aside from the eden-like hot springs gardens that are worked into the natural flow of the Tabacon River, the resorts hotel and spa feature all sorts of massage treatments. Tabacon for all of its natural beauty, is often flooded with tourists.
Baldi Hot Springs
Baldi really is a high quality establishment with impressive construction and even more impressive views. There are 16 different hot springs baths of varying temperatures. One of the pools is 45 C. It is also a little easier on your pocket book than Tabacon $25.00, so with Baldi you really can't go wrong. Baldi has excellent night time views of lava flows when weather permits. Also, there is a huge pyramid from which you get a great view of the entire area from the foot of the Arenal Volcano. The views here are the best you will find from any hot springs resort in La Fortuna.

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