Saturday, September 29, 2012

Head Shaving - How to Be Bald and Fabulous

Jim's hair-sprayed locks clumped together like withered road-kill. The hot towel I had wrapped snugly around his face during his facial had disrupted the ground cover cocooning his barren scalp. After weeks of working on balancing his skin tone and rehabilitating his whiskers after years of shaving abuse, it was time to help Jim face the neurosis that made him rationalize a "comb-over" as being a fair substitute for a full head of hair.
Our obsession with hair drives a gazillion dollar industry to provide heads of all ages ways to get colored, curled, cut, transplanted, implanted, singed, scrubbed, fluffed, shaved and sprayed; mostly using invasive procedures, hazardous detergents, synthetic chemicals and preservatives. On top of all that, consumers are suckered into buying chemically inappropriate hair care products based on marketing hype and sticker price. It's no wonder hair replacement clinics and subsequent products are popping up like zits.
While it's not too late to improve the odds of keeping healthy abundant hair on the heads of our teenage sons and daughters simply by choosing biologically appropriate hair care products and healthy nutrition, baldies like Jim have little recourse once the follicles begin to fall.
Opting for the chance to start over, Jim was ready to try life as a bona fide baldy. Therefore, the first rule for him to embrace when it comes to matters of the head was "If it won't grow right, get it gone from sight." Basically, if your hair-do looks anything like Friar Tuck or a hemorrhoid ring, get to your barber and ask for a No.1 or zero guard, all over. 
To kick it up a notch, wet shave the head now and again (more if the Missus loves it). Men with male pattern baldness tend to have gorgeous, well proportioned heads that deserve to be shown off. When shaved smooth and properly hydrated, these kissable noggins are guaranteed the Lion's share of attention.

Shaving your own head can be tricky if you lack the flexibility and co-ordination to reach the back of the head with your razor. If contortionism isn't part of your DNA, invest in an ergonomic razor handle such as the Head Blade.
Once you have settled on the razor style that best suits your grip, how you prep the area and use the razor will determine your shaving success. Here are some simple guidelines:
  1. After a shower, vigorously massage a quality pre-shave gel over the entire scalp.
  2. Apply a dab of Glycerin based shave lather and prime your badger hair shave brush directly against the scalp until a rich, luxurious lather is achieved.
  3. Heat your razor in hot water before commencing the shave. Using short strokes (about 1 to 2 inch strokes) shave with the natural lie of the hair. Usually this will be crown to front, crown to ears and crown to the back of the neck. Be sure to rinse the blade of debris as often as possible.
  4. Apply another layer of fresh warm lather and shave against the lie of the hair. If your scalp is sensitive to begin with, shave diagonally or across the hair until it acclimates to its new condition.
  5. Rinse off with warm water and then splash with cool water. Dab off any excess water with a fresh cloth before applying plant based aftershave gel to close the cuticle.

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