Saturday, September 29, 2012

Get Your Girl - Even If Your Bald!

All you baldies out there! If you think you don't stand a chance, I have some news for you. From Shakespeare to Bruce Wills, most romantics have been smooth-heads much to the delight of women! I feel disgusted looking at some unconfident romeos who failingly try covering their bald patches with whatever hair that is left on their scalp. And for god sake, a wig is not at all the solution nor is a hair transplant! Take it from me using artificial hair is a crime if you intend being yourself. Even the dumbest woman can tell a wig from natural hair! And some guys go to the extent of getting that horse hair woven into their skin. Yuck! By doing so you are only making a public announcement - 'Hey everyone! I am an unconfident ass without this nest on my bald head.'
A good remedy would be to do away with the scattered hair on your pate by shaving it regularly. Do that and proudly walk up to her with that shining head next time.
However, there are more concern areas that you need to pay attention to before you expect seeing some ripple effect. The first aspect that you should take care of is cleanliness.
If you think you look manly with that Fidel Castro beard, you have only done the right thing to get dumped first day itself. Women like men who are clean shaven. Getting kissed by someone with that wilderness making a way into our nostrils is the last thing we want in our romance! Mustaches are out, to say the least. Anyone having it reminds us of a cruel army general who anyway wouldn't care enough about our feelings.
As for your hair, pay a visit to a good salon and get it done up to a style that suits you. Men who pay attention to personal care have it on their agenda to visit a decent hair artist regularly. Don't forget, you could enhance or mar your appearance with your hair. Treat it very seriously.
No matter what branded apparel you wear, if it is not clean and fragrant, leave alone a woman, even an innocent kid would refuse to sit next to you. If you are confused what is in or what to wear look around what other smart blokes wear. You would do well to buy something similar for yourself unless you look outrageously obnoxious in that. There are many low priced but good quality brands available. Make an effort of going to those outlets and buy something that looks good on you.

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