Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breckenridge Vacation Rentals - Skiing Fun In Colorado

Whether you are a die-hard skiing fanatic or a first timer to hit the slopes this winter, where you stay can make or break a ski vacation. Breckenridge, Colorado is a quaint and historic town nestled in the Colorado Mountains. It also happens to be one of the most popular ski destinations in the state. Though its residential population is well under 10,000, this number multiplies exponentially during the ski season. A town like Breckenridge doesn't get to be this popular without having a few options for lodging. Breckenridge vacation rentals can be found in several varieties and locations to suit your needs.
Warrior's Mark on the Far Western Side
Breckenridge consists of several districts in its seven mile stretch and outskirts. Warrior's Mark on the far western side of Breckenridge contains Eagle's View, Amerind and Mark IX. These accommodations offer seclusion from the busy and often noisy town below. The town homes of Eagle's View even offer ski-in/ski-out options, and the Mark IX has an outdoor hot tub to enjoy on a chilly night.
In the Historic District of Breckenridge, you will find a larger number of accommodations, most of which are hotels, inns and a few bed & breakfasts. There are also several condo buildings available, which are often preferred by larger families, especially if they will be staying a week or more. The primary difference between a hotel and a condo is its similarities to an actual home or apartment. This includes a full kitchen which is often coveted by visitors on long trips. Eating out is great on vacation, however it also gets costly. Having a place to cook breakfast and have lunch can take a lot of pressure from your wallet.
Baldy Mountain in the Southwest
Baldy Mountain is southwest of the main part of Breckenridge. Though it is home to several different types of lodging, perhaps the most popular is the Lodge & Spa at Breckenridge. You will pay a premium for the full-service spa feature and the luxurious guest rooms, but some would argue that the additional price is worth it. The view from your window to the snow covered mountains can bring you inner peace long before the massage therapist arrives for your in-room massage. If you decide to leave the haven of your hotel in the mountains for a little skiing, there is a complementary shuttle to and from the base of the slopes.
4 O'clock Near One of the Ski Lifts
4 O'clock is another district of Breckenridge that is very near one of the ski lifts which take skiers up the mountain. The majority of the accommodation options in and around 4 O'clock are lodges, which are similar to standard hotels but may offer a more rustic appeal. Others are very low-frill but offer an excellent location as they are mere steps away from the ski lift and have ski-in/ski-out units. Others are groups of townhomes with many of the same features as the lodges, but are able to sleep more guests in one unit and also offer multiple bathrooms and a full kitchen in each unit.

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