Saturday, October 13, 2012

2 Keys To Becoming A Successful Makeup Artist

There are two factors which determine a makeup artist who is constantly on the hunt for new work but scarcely finds it, and a successful makeup artist who has to turn down bookings because they're too busy. Two simple factors. And once you find out what those key factors are, you'll be better equipped to position yourself for success so that you're on high demand as your business flourishes.
Factor Number One: To Be A Makeup Artist, You've Got To Network
Networking is the most underrated method for meeting key people who will assist you in bringing your business to the next level. Whether you're networking with other beauty professionals, or with photographers and film makers who need your services, you'll never go wrong by putting yourself out there, and getting your name in people's mouths. Understand though, that "networking" does not mean that you have to pitch yourself to others. But just simply being casual, friendly, and engaging, soon you'll be having people call just because they love your personality. And in service based industries such as makeup artistry, having a magnetic personality and using it to your advantage is key.
Factor Number Two: To Be A Makeup Artist, You've Got To Always Be Learning
The quickest way to stop your growth (and consequently never raise your value) is to stop attending seminars and workshops, and to stop looking for new ways to become even better than you are now. Don't assume you've arrived, because as beauty products and techniques are constantly evolving, so must your skill set. To be a successful makeup artist you've got to EBL (always be learning) new things. Try new techniques. Go where the pros are. Observe people who are better than you, and soak up all of the knowledge you can.
Even if you've never stepped foot in a cosmetic school, you can still be a makeup artist with a business that brings you stable income and connects you with influential people. If you love making people look and feel beautiful, or have a passion for the bizarre art of special effects, editorial, or fashion makeup artistry, just know that there is no limit to where your creativity and eagerness to learn will take you.
In reality, to be a makeup artist is one of the most fun and exciting jobs ever. And you will never regret the investment that you make in your education.

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